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Thursday, March 24, 2011

HDR Photography: Photo Workshop (Pete Carr, Robert Correll)

Expand your artistic vision with HDR photography

By artfully blending multiple exposures, you can create images with incredible detail, photos that mimic fine paintings, surrealistic imagery -- once you understand the process, your options are virtually endless. This book explains the tools you need to get started and how to create high dynamic range (HDR) images. You learn to evaluate a scene, photograph different subjects for the best HDR results, gain skill with software, and begin a lifetime of exploration.

  • See how HDR compensates for the camera's limited ability to record the visible range of light
  • Examine the necessary camera features and accessories
  • Learn to process HDR images using Photomatix and Photoshop® Elements
  • Learn to create HDR photos from single exposures
  • Experiment with landscapes, cityscapes, interior shots, black-and-white, nighttime photos, and more

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